BT Sport - case study

The challenge:

To provide collaborative seating solutions for the new BT Sport channel for the UK, BT Sport.

The background:

As the long-term trusted partner to BT, our team was given the opportunity to provide Steelcase Think and QiVi trial seating for the presenters and journalist desks on the main set. The launch of the new sports channel meant that BT needed to create a new studio to accommodate its journalism, research and production teams along with a new film set for news and coverage broadcasts across the channel.

The solution:

Following the success of the initial seating trial, we were then asked by BT to provide additional furniture pieces to support the channel’s 100-strong back office research and support teams. This offering included more Steelcase Think and QiVi chairs as well as Steelcase, Kalidro desks, and other third party storage and screens, resulting in a supportive, flexible and connected workspace.


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