Foro Wooden Table by John Pawson, Viccarbe


Grid Corner Sofa, Established & Sons


Migration SE Height-Adjustable Meeting Table, Steelcase


Perch Stool, Steelcase


Fern Storage, Bisley

New products 2023

To inspire you, our design team has curated some of our favourite new office furniture products for 2023. From collaborative furniture to seating, tables and storage, we cover some of the best in furniture design to help you create a smarter, healthier, and more sustainable workplace.

Some highlights and trends we see gaining momentum this year include:

Co-creation & Innovation

We’re thrilled to see designers co-creating with global manufacturers. One standout is John Pawson’s Foro meeting table by Viccarbe. It stays true to minimalist design aesthetics while incorporating a practical cable management solution for commercial use.

Designing for the Planet

It's great to see a flurry of exciting new materials and products coming into the market, that fully embrace ‘Designing for circularity’. The Steelcase Flex Perch is the first furniture product globally that reduces the use of fossil resources through Ccycling™ - an innovation that transforms recycled content by repurposing waste from electronics production.

Shape Shifters

Offices need to be ‘shape shifters', settings that can be moved & adapted to suit a hybrid working model. Research suggests collaboration is one of the key reasons for people to head back to the office, so creating user friendly work settings that marry virtual and in-person gatherings are a vital part of a successful workplace. 

Get ready to be inspired.

The Insightful Environments team


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