New products 2022

To inspire you, our design team has curated some of our favourite new office furniture products for 2022. From seating and workstations to pods and storage, we cover some of the best in furniture design to help you create a smarter, healthier, and more sustainable workplace.

Some highlights and trends we see gaining momentum this year include:

Resimercial design 

A combination of “residential” and “commercial”, resimercial design brings aspects of the home into the workplace. The post-Covid office is evolving with a heightened focus on wellbeing and hybrid work, and resimercial design is a trend that perfectly blends both function and comfort. Highlights include Frovi’s Alto Sofa, with its generous size and deep foam cushions bringing a touch of home comfort into the office. Brunner’s Nate range, with its organic lines, thin wood table top and simple, durable aesthetics would enhance any scheme. Plus, it’s fully recyclable - not that you’ll ever wish to part with it!


As designers, we are constantly seeking innovative and sustainably sourced products. Sprung from Deadgood stands out for all the right reasons - it’s made in the UK and from 81% recycled content. At the end of its life, it can be refurbished or recycled, but hopefully, like us, you’ll love it forever. The striking Meta meeting table and bench from Mark furniture are circular in both shape and production. And the Air coffee table range from Workstories, with its classic yet distinctive look, utilises boards made of 100% waste material from Smile, a UK based micro-factory. 


Japandi design brings together the sleek, functional elegance of the Japanese aesthetic with the smooth modern lines of Scandinavian design. Bolia’s Story coffee table is a perfect example, with its airy and calming design. The designers wanted to create a long-lasting design that meets changing needs. With quality craftsmanship and natural oak that changes character over the years, each table is unique with its own original and beautiful story. 

Get ready to be inspired.

The Insightful Environments team


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