Beyond The Desk by Orangebox


Work Valet, Steelcase


Noha Executive by Viccarbe


Alfresco Bench, Jennifer Newman


Isle Table by Frovi

New Products 2024

Workplace wellbeing, full-circle sustainability and collaborative spaces are the inspiration for office furniture in 2024. 

From ergonomic seating, to shared desks and flexible storage systems, our team has curated some of the best furniture designs to keep your workplace healthy, dynamic and sustainable.

Some of our highlights, propelling the way for furniture design in 2024 include:

Employee-Focused Design

Ensuring employees have more control over where and how they work is key to encouraging people back into the workplace; employees want a modern space with a flexible approach to working. Collaborative by design, concepts like ‘Beyond the Desk’ by Orangebox do just this.

Natural Innovation

We love to see a flourish of designers opting for natural materials which are rooted in sustainability. One standout item is Frovi’s 'Collaborative Isle Table'. Combining nature with functionality, the natural wood creates a soft and relaxing feel for a calming and connected work environment.

Workplace Wellbeing

A drive in every-day health means offices must make workplace wellbeing a priority. This means thoughtful spaces and ergonomic designs are essential; whether that be seating structured to working posture, or providing outdoor furniture for some al fresco creativity. 

Hybrid Functionality

Moving between collaborative meeting spaces and individual working areas, offices need to allow full flexibility for workers. The Steelcase ‘workValet’ is a fully customisable storage solution that prioritises a dynamic approach to office work, allowing employees to store belongings whilst moving fluidly through their day.

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