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The Destination Office

The world of work has changed. We don’t need to be in an office to carry out our daily tasks anymore. But workplaces still have an important role to play in an altered business landscape.

Insightful Environments’ latest guide looks at the phenomenon of the ‘destination office’. Drawing on studies and examples from around the world, we explore why and how workplaces are changing to become crucibles of inspiration and exchange.

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Joy at Work - Steelcase Work Better Magazine

Explore how to create joyful workplaces by meeting employee needs, with global research and design ideas from Steelcase that enhance wellbeing and support various work-life demands.

Designing Better Futures - Steelcase Work Better Magazine

Explore three pressing issues that are reshaping how we think about our work environments today: employee wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion, and sustainability.

The Sustainable Office

Greater understanding around environmental pressures, coupled with pressures from a more engaged workforce, is causing businesses to prioritise more sustainable choices around office design and furniture.

Beyond Hybrid - Steelcase Work Better Magazine

The Spring/Summer 2023 edition of the Steelcase Work Better magazine explores new ideas and solutions to make work better in a new hybrid era.

Attract & Retain Through Workplace Design

In a fiercely competitive jobs market, workplace design directly impacts your ability to attract the brightest talent and retain your most valued team members.

Steelcase Hybrid Working Global Report

What matters more in the office now than pre-pandemic? Would people choose an assigned desk or more remote work? New Steelcase global research explores what people need and expect in today’s era of hybrid work.

Furnish to Thrive in the New World of Work

Procurement teams and facilities managers today have multiple agendas to consider when procuring office furniture. And with a new world of work to navigate, the pressure to get it right is coming from all angles.

Blueprint for Inclusive Workplaces of the Future

This blueprint is both a vision of the future and a resource to establish a shared understanding of all the factors that shape workplaces around the world.

How Covid-19 Accelerated the Evolution of the Office

While no one would have wished for the pandemic, it has taught people a great deal about what they need from the work environment to do their best work and to feel well and whole.

Changing Expectations and the Future of Work

Since the onset of the pandemic, Steelcase has conducted ongoing research to help organisations understand its impact on their people and business.

Create Better Hybrid Collaboration Spaces

This guide brings together two decades of Steelcase research and exploration, new features from tech leaders like Microsoft and Zoom, and new insights around how to help hybrid teams succeed. Explore a variety of collaboration scenarios — based on solutions available today.

Navigating What’s Next: The Post-COVID Workplace

Working with its network of leading organisations and experts, Steelcase is sharing what it's learning about the return to the workplace across time horizons of now, near and far.

The future of office furniture and workplace design

What are the workplace design trends that will define 2020 and the decade to come? Read the observations and predictions of our panel of experts, as they consider the future of furniture and office design.

Why more teams want to shift to agile working

Insightful Environments' eBook explores how you can embrace agile behaviours throughout your company, helping teams to innovate faster, eliminate waste, and work more productively.

Office Remix - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Informal shared spaces are the latest way organizations are trying to woo talent. Despite their investments, many of these spaces often sit empty. So what do people really want?

New Work. New Rules - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Most of our work is now matrixed, project-based and hyper-collaborative. Teamwork and me work have been redefined, but what about workspaces?

The New Leader - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Steelcase researched the disruptive forces impacting leaders, using its own leadership spaces as a lab. The results have radically reimagined ways of working and leading, both as individuals and as a team of leaders.

The New I.Q. - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Innovation is critically important to an organisation’s success but it remains elusive. Workplaces that are intelligently designed to bring people together in a fluid process have unprecedented power to propel innovation.

Wellbeing, A Bottom Line Issue - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Worker wellbeing is a hot topic and extends beyond measures of personal satisfaction or fulfilment. It’s critical to an organisation’s ability to innovate and thrive.

The Privacy Crisis - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Collaboration has become the big engine for progress and innovation, but while togetherness at work is vital for value creation, in excess it’s a killer.

Making Distance Disappear - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Many teams are now distributed, using video to work across locations. But a constantly nagging problem they face is presence disparity, disrupting group collaborative and communication dynamics.

Think Better - Steelcase 360 Magazine

Thanks to the vast amount of neuroscience research being done, there’s now hard evidence about what attention is, how it works, how to attain it and how to use it productively.

The Office Renaissance - Steelcase 360 Magazine

For years, many have predicted the death of the office. Mobile technology allows us to work anywhere, so why do you need an office at all?

The Creative Shift - Steelcase 360 Magazine

The trend toward more creative work is an idea whose time has come, and workplaces need to move forward, too.

Inside Innovation - Steelcase 360 Magazine

This research explores how learning and innovation are linked and how you can design to support this critical relationship by creating habitats that activate a culture shift and foster the habits necessary for constant learning.

Fast Forward - Steelcase 360 Magazine

What does the future of work look like? How artificial intelligence, smart data and the gig economy will transform the future of work.

Acoustics, Work And The Physical Environment - Steelcase Research

Modern workplaces offer great aesthetics, but little acoustic comfort, causing people to be distracted by sound time and again.

Creativity Ideabook - Steelcase Research

Creativity is the fuel for innovation making it an essential ingredient for business growth.

Creativity, Work and the Physical Environment - Steelcase Research

The role of creativity in business has been a topic of growing interest and debate. It is the fuel for innovation and an essential ingredient for business growth.

Global Engagement Report - Steelcase Research

Steelcase partnered with global research firm Ipsos to understand how the places where people work impact employee engagement.

The Resilient Workplace - Steelcase Research

One key element for growth is how an organisation and its people respond to complex, volatile and global market conditions.

Class Can I Have Your Attention - Steelcase Education 360 Magazine

Every educator wants fully engaged students. But first you have to get and hold their attention in the classroom.

Active Learning Spaces - Steelcase Education Research

Students and teachers today suffer when outmoded learning spaces inadequately support the integration of the three key elements of a successful learning environment

Rethinking Success, Sparking Creativity - Steelcase Education Research

There's a growing concern with education thought leaders on student engagement and the need for a new definition of student success.

Steelcase x Bolia Brand Book

Steelcase x Bolia deliver more choices at work using the best Scandinavian design to create atmospheres built on warmth, bold and luxurious materials.

Coalesse Brand Book

Coalesse was born from a passionate belief that great spaces inspire great work. This brand book celebrates their commitment to craft.

Steelcase Brand Book

Your office is a canvas that expresses your brand and culture to your customers and your people. Steelcase can help you create an office where people will find inspiration, meaning and purpose. An office where people will thrive and ideas flourish.