RWE NPower - case study

The challenge:

Based in Swindon, RWE Npower had seen rapid growth and was looking to explore mobile working to future proof a recently acquired workplace.

The background:

After carrying out an extensive user engagement process with AWA consultants, our teams were engaged by RWE Npower based on our past successful partnership to furnish its new Asset Development and Technology Department areas.

The solution:

The result was an open community-based layout which allowed people visibility and access to each other.  The new space is interspersed with different environments such as open touchdown spaces, In-between areas for informal team collaboration, and private hubs for people to do focused work and meeting rooms. There is also a central hub space allowing people to socialise and build company-wide bonds.

Since completion of this project, our team were engaged to deliver a design project from Phase 0 through to tender for a new HR office space.

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