New ways of working: office workstation trends

As workers return to offices post Covid, we need to welcome back and support them in many different ways.  Ensuring they have workstations where they can be at their most comfortable, productive and creative should be a priority.


Employee wellbeing is high on the agenda following the pandemic. And with news of the 'great resignation' filtering through, companies are understandably keen to help their teams settle back in and let them know how valued they are.

But making the extra effort to ensure teams are as comfortable and well 'looked after' as possible will help them work more productively and creatively, too.

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Wellbeing is having a huge influence on office furniture design in this new world. Employers are anxious to help returning employees work in the ways they choose rather than insisting everyone sits in the same way.

Cloud-based and agile working means we are no longer tethered to our desks. And with people needing to work from anywhere in the office, organisations are providing a variety of workstations for employees to choose from as desired.

These workstations are anything but boring and bland.  They are inspirational and supportive of the new ways of working that we are developing together. 

Here's some of the hottest office workstation trends being adopted by innovative businesses today.

Getting personal - a space to feel at home


Workstations with individual storage and flexible screens define personal boundaries and allow people to make themselves at home in the workspace.

Adjustable screens between desks support social connection and collaboration whilst still allowing workers to maintain boundaries when they need to.  This is particularly important as Covid safety still remains a concern.

Screens with rails to hang office desk accessories means everything the workers need is in easy reach; important documents, organisational tools and stationary.

Personal storage areas built into the workstation can give people a place to put their things so they are within easy reach and accessible. Lockable storage also gives people the peace of mind that their belongings are secure when they step away for meetings or take time out in break out areas.



As has been noted, the return to the office after many months away, has been psychologically difficult for many of us.  So having the option to decorate workspaces with keepsakes, photos and children's drawings (even for those of us who are hot-desking) is an important consideration.

Screens with tackable or magnetic surfaces can  allow workers to really make the space their own, giving them the option to display those personal items or pin things that inspire them.


Height adjustable desks - encouraging a health-conscious environment

Not only do height adjustable desks provide another opportunity for workers to tailor the space to their needs, but they also support a more health-conscious working environment. They are quickly growing in popularity amongst organisations looking to promote the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Height adjustable desks offer workers the option to shift between sitting or standing as desired throughout the day. They promise healthier, more comfortable and productive workspace settings for those who use them.

Height adjustable options aren’t only available for individual workstations. Benches seating multiple team members can support each individual to choose their own height adjustment, meaning you can have two people on the same bench and have one sitting and one standing at the same time.

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Monitor arms - supporting good ergonomics

Monitor arms allow users to adjust the way the height of their computer screen so they can find the perfect ergonomic position for them.

Users can make as many adjustments as necessary to suit their changing needs. They can be moved around to share their screen with a colleague and brought back into position when they want to put their head down and focus on individual tasks.


Collaborative workstations bring agile teams together

In the age of agile, workplaces need spaces for people to come together to collaborate on projects, discuss issues and solve problems. These working areas are being kitted out with more lightweight, moveable and modular furniture - so workstations can be built 'on the fly;.

These spaces are being by supported by tools and technology to support collaboration. Whiteboards are useful for brainstorming and displaying ideas. Large screens  on easels can be utilised to make content visible to everyone and support video conferencing so colleagues or clients can join remotely.

In addition, fabric panels and other acoustic elements give teams the privacy they need to work together without disruption.


A space imbued with meaning and purpose

As advances in technology allow people to work from anywhere (and the threat of Covid is still keeping some people away) employers need to redouble their efforts to assure their workers of a safe, comfortable and compelling work experience when they are together in the office.

Furnishing spaces with more workstations that can be personalised for  comfort and customised for inspiration will give a real incentive for our people to come in and connect again.

Workstation solutions that let us move from individual work to more collaborative postures using new and exciting furniture and tech options can fuel our passion and facilitate our creativity.



From personalised spaces to collaborative zones, businesses today need to choose office workstation solutions that can flex with workers needs, while giving them a real reason to 'be there'.

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