Creating Better Sustainable Smarter Healthier
Work Experiences

Wherever Work Happens

What Does This Mean for You...

WORK Smarter

Work Smarter

Combining furniture, design and global insights to solve real business issues.

WORK healthier

Work Healthier

Spaces that keep your people happy, engaged and productive.

WORK sustainablY

Work Sustainably

Environmentally and socially responsible approaches to furniture and design.

How and Where People
Work is Changing

Organisations are having to figure out new and different ways to support employees with great spaces to work in, wherever work happens; whether in the office, at home or elsewhere. And it’s not easy.

Employees’ expectations have changed. They want more choice and control over how and where they work. And they need the tools and equipment to make work seamless. Plus, you want to do everything in a sustainable way that benefits society and the wellbeing of your employees. It all adds up to huge pressure.

The stakes are high. Getting this wrong will affect your organisation’s performance and ability to attract and retain the best people.

Finding the Right Furniture Solutions & Design Partner Will Help You Get the Big Decisions Right.

New Smarter


We’ll help you create the best spaces for your people wherever and however they work. We’ll help you identify and address your current workplace challenges and prepare for the future.

New Healthier


The spaces we create will keep your people engaged, healthy and productive. Focussing on the physical, cognitive and psychological needs of your people to enhance wellbeing has never been as important.

New Sustainable


It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. At every stage of your project, we’ll do the right thing. Socially, ethically and environmentally. It’s a crucial part of how we create trust and lasting client relationships.

How We Work With You

4 Steps to Create Smarter, Healthier & Sustainable Work Experiences

Listen & Consult


We listen carefully to understand your goals, challenges and priorities; what your people need and how and where they like to work. We’ll suggest ideas that make a difference to your budget, goals and the environment.

Design & Specify


We’ll apply our insights and ideas and shape your physical space through furniture and design to optimise the working experience for your people. We’ll think of the details and consider all your options: Refurbish and reuse, or source the market for the best, sustainable furniture products. We’ll visualise your choices to make decisions easier.

Procure & Deliver


We’ll get you the best value for your budget (and make sure suppliers are environmentally and socially responsible). We’ll project manage, deliver, and complete your space on schedule with minimal disruption. We’ll be your one point of contact, managing suppliers to make sure the schedule runs smoothly, with maximum compliance and minimum risk.

Support & Sustain


Our work doesn’t stop after the project’s delivered. We’ll help you with physical moves, asset management, and ongoing furniture maintenance. We’ll also help extend the lifecycle of your furniture by repurposing it where possible. And when you have furniture you no longer need, we can buy it back, reuse it, or build something new out of it.

Experience Counts -
You're in Safe Hands

We understand the challenge of getting your working environments right. Our multi-disciplined, creative team have been de-risking transformation projects for the last 20 years. And along the way, they have helped a lot of great, forward-thinking organisations.

We stay at the forefront of workspace design and insights, bringing together our deep knowledge of the UK market with Steelcase’s global R&D prowess to deliver smarter, healthier and sustainable work experiences for our clients.

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We wanted the project team to be knowledge experts in their field and to push us on concepts and ideas – Coming up with solutions and not just problems – which IE did

Lewis Barker - Senior Manager EMEA, Workplace Services, ServiceNow

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Working with IE from afar due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. turned out to be quite a success. We highly recommend IE and look forward to working with them on future projects, hopefully in person!

Melissa E. Edman - Space & Facilities Project Manager McGuireWoods LLP

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IE was very responsive to our needs and became an essential partner in the project team. They were effective in helping to simplify the furniture selection process and align our budgets with the design aims under very tight timescales.

Sarah Woodman - Head of Global Real Estate & Facilities UK, SAP UK

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Having inspected the refurbishment works with the design and fit-out team yesterday, I can honestly say that I was blown away.

- Omnicom Group

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I know that when our agencies are finally able to return to the building post-COVID, they are going to love how the space has been transformed and enjoy it for many years to come.

- Omnicom Group

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Having worked closely with IE in the past we knew that the project would benefit from having them on board.

Tim Hookham - Associate Director, Axis Architects

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The excellent quality and the positive feedback the project is receiving is testament to a great team which IE were very much part of.

Tim Hookham - Associate Director, Axis Architects

We supply insightful environments for:

Our Work

SAP UK - Scalpel Building, London

Combining London offices to create a cutting edge SAP UK community in the Scalpel

Size SAP UK - Scalpel Building, London


20,000 sqft

Suppliers SAP UK - Scalpel Building, London



Duration SAP UK - Scalpel Building, London


13-month project

ServiceNow, London

Providing a seamless office experience for customers and employees

Size ServiceNow, London


14,800 sqft

Suppliers ServiceNow, London



Duration ServiceNow, London


9-month project

HSBC - Cavendish, Sheffield

A stunning new home for HSBC in Sheffield

Size HSBC - Cavendish, Sheffield


140,000 sqft

Suppliers HSBC - Cavendish, Sheffield



Duration HSBC - Cavendish, Sheffield


10-week installation

Cloudflare Expansion, London

Transformation of a former paper factory in into a flexible, collaborative space

Size - Cloudfare expansion


7,000 sqft

Suppliers - Cloudfare expansion



Duration - Cloudfare expansion


3-month project

Furniture Ideas to Inspire You

  • Task Chairs
  • Meetings
  • Accessories & Planting
  • Pods
  • Outdoor
  • Booths
  • Workstations
  • Work Café
  • Learning & Training
  • Reception & Lounge
  • Space Division & Storage
  • Collaboration

Picking the right task chairs for your office is an important decision, let us help you.

Our meeting room ideas provide innovative solutions for your working environment.

The finishing touches are the most important and sometimes tricky to find. We’ve got it covered. 

Our selection of pods can incorporate technology, acoustic materials, and privacy zones.

We’ve curated a selection of durable outdoor furniture and plants to maximise those under-utilised spaces.

Using booths within open-plan environments is a great way of creating extra meeting spaces.

We can help you choose from our extensive range of workstation solutions including benches and height-adjustable desks.

A hard-working area at the heart of most companies where staff refuel, recharge & connect.

Flexible smart training products, including auditoriums, folding training tables, stacking chairs and essential accessories.

First impressions count so we’ve curated an eclectic mix of styles to suit your design aesthetic & functionality.

Space dividers can enhance acoustic performance and privacy, while storage solutions help you make the most of your space.

Collaborative spaces need to cater for different types of collaboration and support a range of postures.

Our Research

Featured Guide

The Destination Office

The world of work has changed. We don’t need to be in an office to carry out our daily tasks anymore. But workplaces still have an important role to play in an altered business landscape. Insightful Environments’ latest guide looks at the phenomenon of the ‘destination office’. Drawing on studies and examples from around the world, we explore why and how workplaces are changing to become crucibles of inspiration and exchange.


Work Better Report

Changing Expectations and the Future of Work

Since the onset of the pandemic, Steelcase has conducted ongoing research to help organisations understand its impact on their people and business. This research is the largest, and most thorough body of work completed on the state of work to date. It will help you understand what your people want and need to do their best work, and what’s fundamentally changed as a result of the pandemic.


Work Better Report

The Sustainable Office

Greater understanding around environmental pressures, coupled with pressures from a more engaged workforce, are causing businesses to prioritise more sustainable choices around office design and furniture. The benefits go beyond just reducing your environmental impact. Making sustainable choices enhances the work experience for your people, boosting productivity, and powering commercial growth.


Work Better Report

How Covid-19 Accelerated the Evolution of the Office

While no one would have wished for the pandemic, it has taught people a great deal about what they need from the work environment to do their best work and to feel well and whole. This ebook explores how the pandemic changed the world of work and the impact of these changes on the future of the workplace.