Orangebox launches Campers & Dens

We intuitively know the rules of a campsite. When you're in your campervan, you're off limits. Move to the awning and you're inviting a wave and walk-on-by. And in the open-field you're free to talk to anybody. The same applies to our workplaces.

This is the thinking behind Campers & Dens, a new product platform from Orangebox, the culmination of five years of R&D, it aims to evolve the office landscape.

The Campers & Dens range builds upon Orangebox's success with its pods range and is the updated answer to 'Why Build Walls?', delivering layers of privacy through pods, cabins and awnings; and flexibility and choice thanks to its wide range of configurations.

campers & dens


Using its 80/20 engineering, they’ve taken care of 80% of the tricky engineering; structure, lighting, ventilation, acoustics. The remaining 20% is a customisable canvas. It's been left for architects, designers and clients to have fun with, helped by finishes ranging from fabric and laminates to plywood and painted metal, enabling each pod to be unique.

Campers & Dens is not just a pod system, it’s a step change in built environment interior architecture.

Offering new options for integrating technologies and whiteboards, Campers & Dens is accompanied by an expanded range of both integrated and freestanding seating and tabling, with each piece designed to work inside and outside the pods, as well as inside the cabins and under the awnings.

"The fact is, it’s arrogant of us to want our pods to look like ours in every client space...We want clients to make them look like theirs... to make them unique every time."
Words by Mark Partridge,
Designer of Campers & Dens

To find out more about how you could use Campers & Dens in your office, get in touch today.

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