Products of the month - August 2018

It's been a hot summer and since we're spending so much time outside we thought we'd go into more detail on three great outdoor furniture pieces that could help you jazz up any outside areas around your office. You'd better get in quickly though while the sun lasts. This month we're featuring products from Extremis, Slide and Kettal.

First up we have a beautifully designed picnic table from Extremis: 

Hopper Picnic

While the Hopper picnic table resembles a the traditional picnic tables, but it offers extra features and comfort. Designer Dirk Wynants has improved access to the classic picnic table by incorporating more space at the sides to get in. Four 'pass through zones' make it easy to get in and out of Hopper without having to lift your leg over the bench or disturbing your table-companions.

Hopper, the modern picnic table with benches, is available in four sizes, seating four, six, eight, or ten people. Choose galvanised steel legs for extreme durability, or powder-coated aluminium table legs for a more refined look.

You can also turn it into the perfect terrace set by adding Hopper Shade!


Next up we have an outside sofa designed by Slide:

Happylife Sofa

Happylife is a versatile designed sofa: its modular structure has been created to fill different sized spaces perfectly, thanks to its minimal lines. Depending on the needs, it can be a useful flat surface or a comfortable sofa, thanks to the addition of soft cushions in ecoleather. The base is available in 13 colours while the cushions are  available only in cream colour.



Lastly we have a range of furniture made by Kettal of Barcelona:


Bitta is an outdoor furniture collection designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. It is characterised by a combination of aluminium frames , seats of braided polyester and comfortable cushions, teak and stone for the table tops all completely weatherproof materials.

‘My aim was to create dense braiding that would still let the air through, reminiscent of the braiding of the ropes used to moor boats (hence the name Bitta, which means “mooring” in Italian), which makes the pieces look lightweight but, at the same time, they look just like cosy nests in natural colours to sit back and relax in’. R. Dordoni.

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