Products of the month - January 2017

At the end of each month we highlight several new and exciting bits of workplace furniture in our products of the month post. We also ask you to vote for which one we should road test and review in our London Studio over the following month.

December's product of the month winner was BuzziMe by BuzziSpace which we will be testing in our studio over the next month. 



For January we chose three interesting but very different items for our products of the month. Have a look below at our selection and don't forget to vote which one you want us to test out:



Ballo by Humanscale

Ballo is designer Don Chadwick’s vision of what a multi-purpose stool should be—fun, engaging and perfect for short-term, active sitting in the home or office. With a compact central column and lightweight air-filled domes, Ballo is an imaginative take on traditional ball chairs, supporting flexibility and freedom of movement. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, Ballo has a dynamic nature that allows it to integrate into a wide range of environments.

The Ballo is ideal for collaboration area’s, Cafe areas, education spaces and touchdown spaces. The Ballo is perfect for users to work for a short period of time on a stool that promotes healthy movement.

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Banc by Brunner

The lounge system for many possible combinations.

A lively, open meeting point. A place for conversations held in confidence. Or simply a comfortable and sophisticated retreat. The outstanding functionality and the clear, elegant formal language turn each conceivable version of this versatile building set into a magnetic point of attraction – in the foyer, in the lounge or in public office areas.

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FrameFour by Steelcase

FrameFour provides a complete workplace for mobile and resident workers. Real estate-efficient workspaces that support technology and tools.

Integrated cable management, uninterrupted leg room and broad expanses of work surface available in FrameFour’s broad statement of line add to its ability to adapt to workers’ needs.

  • FrameFour comes in single and back-to-back configurations, with either a supporting storage leg or a four-leg frame.
  • FrameFour offers a consistent leg design within its range, giving a sleek aesthetic across the workplace.
  • The storage leg keeps bags and backpacks off the worksurface and out of the aisle, yet close at hand. Belongings are safe, secure and out of the way in the personal locker.
  • The easy-to-reach power access allows users to recharge up to three different devices simultaneously.

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