Products of the month - June 2018

This month we'd like to highlight a few new products that have been recently launched and caught the eye of our design team to give you a little bit of inspiration if you have your own furniture projects coming up.

Two of the products were launched in Clerkenwell Design week and the other one we discovered when we attended Salone del Mobile Milano back in April.

First up we have a new seating system from Steelcase:

The Umami Lounge System

Ok so it sounds like something Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer would have dreamt up but it actually took its design inspiration from snow and the curves that it makes when snow builds up. 

Umami seating, tables and screens offer an endless variety of configurations, sizes and material options. It's designed to create informal spaces that promote social interactions, stimulate the brain and enhance creativity.

Modularity - Umami’s flexible modular design can be used to create spaces that are unique to organisations and individuals. Pieces simply combine in a variety of configurations making it one of the most versatile lounge furniture systems available. Umami is comprised of five key elements: lounges, platforms, tables, screens and power. All of these elements simply and securely link together and unlock just as easily for quick rearrangement.

Materiality - Umami was designed to create spaces where people feel an emotional connection. Multiple shapes, forms, patterns and textures are used to promote variation over uniformity. A wide variety of material options are available, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

Performance -  Umami’s integrated power and sculpted design allow for user comfort and performance. Screens create a range of privacy and balance the desire for openness with the human need for solitude.

Download Umami PDF

Next up we have a new solution from Boss Design:

Mango Personal Workspace Solution

Mango is a new personal workspace solution created with headspace in mind. Striking the perfect balance between privacy and ergonomics, Mango allows its user to comfortably escape distractions for extended periods of time without the need to leave the room.

Mango is a personal workspace with an acoustic privacy screen and multi positional writing tablet for quiet and private working. A left-hand or right-hand writing tablet on an articulated arm lets the user position work and devices ergonomically, ensuring the user’s physical wellbeing. Integrated power and data options provide connectivity, essential for modern day work and life.

Mango acts as a magnet for mobile workers, whilst also providing sedentary workers with more choice and privacy on demand. Transform third spaces into practical destinations for individual focussed work. Mango also fits seamlessly into public areas, including airport lounges, waiting areas, and hotel lobbies, offering users a private space to work, touchdown or relax.

Download Mango PDF

Third we have a stylish family of stools from one of our new suppliers Kristalia:

BCN stool family

The BCN plastic stool was the result of exploring how new materials can be used to create furniture. The main feature of the stool is the design of the seat which is ergonomically designed by specialists to maximise comfort. The final shape required a huge developmental effort during the design phase.

The stool is made from a type of plastic called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) which is rather unusual in the furniture industry. Previously, the most common use for this type of plastic was for insulation in the electronics industry because it is very strong and it is resistant to both heat and solvents.

Over time the BCN plastic stool has become a designer product that is recognised and appreciated not only as a stylish seat for use in your kitchen, but also it has been chosen by many architects and interior designers for use in bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants.

Various versions are available: high, low or medium, with a chrome- plated steel structure or in the same colour as the seat, with a height-adjustable structure with a gas-lift device, and a new version with lathe-turned beech wood legs.

Download BCN Stools PDF


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