Products of the month - October 2017

Every month, we bring you four exciting, new and classic workplace products to keep you up to date with some of our favourite furniture, technology and design products that you might want to look at when refurbishing an existing, or creating a new, workplace environment.

For October we bring you several stylish and flexible furniture solutions along with a new product for glass walls that makes it impossible for people to see the information on LED TV screens through the glass. Judge for yourself and help us pick our October product of the month.



Bob by BlaStation

Bob is a sofa system providing almost unlimited options, constructed using the smallest possible number of modules.Where ordinary sofas are usually rectangular, square and predictable, Bob offers the architectonic freedom to either challenge or adhere to all types of spaces.

Bob can be built in straight lines or complicated curves. Long or short, each sofa module is only 26 centimetre at its widest, and with only 5 different modules, Bob is an easy to understand and extremely flexible sofa system without any “back” side,. Bob faces all directions beautifully, providing even more possibilities for interior design architecture.

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Arthur Collection by Lyndon Design

This striking design is constructed with hard wood frame resting upon a separate timber underframe. The range includes compact sofa, large sofa & single-seater and is available as high / low back option with a choice of plain or bump back upholstery. Directed more towards the hospitality market but well suited to the modern interior.

The shape and form of the Arthur collection draws inspiration but also captures the essence of a modern city.

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Atom by Boss Design

ATOM has been developed as a single seamless concept to deliver a holistic aesthetic, rather than being a collection of individual pieces defined by their modularity.

The ATOM range enables an infinite number of configurations suited to all types of public, education and corporate environments.

Full family of products including;

  • Workstation seating integration and division
  • Meeting Booths
  • Focus Booths
  • Modular Seating

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Casper cloaking technology by Designtex

Casper cloaking technology is an ingenious new invention –an architectural film for glass walls that obscures digital screens to outside view.

It’s the perfect confidentiality cloak, obscuring only the light transmitted by large LED displays.

Anyone looking into the room from the outside sees just a black screen, while everyone in the room can work freely with peace of mind.

Privacy in plain sight, now there’s an idea. And it’s going to change the way office space is designed.

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