Boehringer Inghelm - a state of the art working environment

The background

IE has been working with Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, since 2006.

In 2015 the site was operating at capacity and was in need of modernisation. BI decided to expand the space adding a new building as well as remodelling the existing space to create a state of the art working environment for its employees. BI was looking for a local partner to support them with the refurbishment and selected to partner with IE.

The scope of services required ranged from design services to managing the moves including furniture storage, disposal and new furniture solutions. IE was able to support BI with a wide range of design services. The initial design had been developed by AECOM in Germany. IE took over the design after concept stage and further developed the interior concepts aligned with the corporate guidelines up to the tender, design development and construction phases. IE then liaised with the local contractor to implement the project.

Between the concept design and design development phases, IE helped BI to carry out user engagement, including interviews with department heads, site observations, user alignment workshops and evaluation of e-surveys carried out by the client. Recommendations including increasing the amount of meeting and collaboration areas for team work were implemented in the final designs.

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