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A new workcafé and meeting area for BT’s Columbo House office in London

The project

BT’s internal FM team approached IE to develop ideas on how to improve their existing ground floor canteen. Observations and feedback from staff highlighted that the space was only used at peak times, the ambiance was very corporate, staff did not feel welcomed and were reluctant to greet visitors within the space. In parallel there was a lack of accessible meeting space throughout the building.

The results

IE worked closely with the internal BT project team to define the main objectives and aligned these with the project budgets, plus time-frames.

Taking inspiration from the “domestic” part of the business a more “homely style” evolved with plush lounge areas and large graphics to draw you into the space.

Careful consideration was given to the install to minimise the disruption within an occupied building. Product selection included a demountable decorative screen which is quick to install and created semi-private huddle areas.

The design offers greater choice with a variety of zones and meeting styles, from the focused solo, ‘1-2-1’ to larger groups. The space is used throughout the day for informal meetings and has reduced the pressure on other meeting spaces within the building.

Since the refurbishment to the now rebranded “BT Café” staff are using the space throughout the day, impromptu gatherings are more frequent and this has fostered a more collaborative culture.

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