Helping a leading global bank create a world-class, highly sustainable campus

Having worked with this client for over a decade, IE were proud to support this leading global bank in a transformative step in their real estate journey with the opening of their new Glasgow Campus. During the project, we procured and delivered more than 7,100 different pieces of furniture across three buildings, each one designed by Gensler with their own intent and personality.

Working closely with the design and project team throughout the Covid-19 lockdown periods, we leveraged innovative approaches to ensure that the furniture programme remained on track for the client. This included live-streamed workshops to review and sign off on products and finishes across teams based in London, Glasgow and New York.

As part of this global banking organisation’s commitment to champion environmental innovation and sustainability in support of the transition to a low-carbon economy, we were helping them achieve Zero Waste targets by reusing, repurposing or reselling their furniture while minimising and recycling all waste from site.

To achieve the Bank’s targets, we helped them:

  • to fully understand their existing furniture portfolio to determine what could be reused and what was surplus to requirements.
  • by advising on what furniture for reuse should be refurbished, what should be cleaned and what could be altered to repurpose it for a different use.
  • to identify surplus furniture which was either resold or charitably donated back into the supply chain. Furniture unsuitable for reuse was recycled.
  • to identify and select new furniture options that were from environmentally sustainable sources.
  • to massively reduce the amount of waste taken to site by working with our suppliers to reduce packaging waste.

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