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Office furniture consultancy and procurement

We provide a complete range of office furniture consultancy and procurement services to support you and your professional teams in defining, procuring, delivering and installing furniture for new and refurbished offices.

So whether you’re looking for a partner to manage all your furniture needs or just need to purchase furniture for a specific project, we’re here to help.

With so much choice in the UK furniture market, our aim is to make furniture procurement easier for you and your teams, taking the pain out of what can be a complicated, time consuming and expensive process.

Those choices can be overwhelming; there’s an infinite number of products and options out there. That’s why our specifiers scour the market for the right products for your brief and share only the best, making your life simple.

We also help you to choose by visualising your options through product booklets and 3d renders of your space. Then we let you test your furniture choices for real before you buy through mockups, either in our Studio, or your office.

We have relationships with the best furniture companies around the world. Last year we spent over £30 million buying furniture from almost 200 of them. Our size and spend allows us to command the best pricing which ensures you get best value for your available budget.


Our furniture services

Furniture strategy development – Identify ways how furniture and space can help achieve your wider business goals, conduct furniture audits and create furniture standards to provide a consistent feel across locations.

Furniture design and specification – Let us scour the market and evaluate the details to match the brief and design. From the aesthetics, finishes, ergonomic and environmental standards to the integration of technology, we’ll find the right solution for you.

Visualising and evaluating the options – Product booklets, tailored brochures and 3d renders along with detailed furniture schedules will help you get feedback from stakeholders and narrow your choices.

Samples and mock ups – Touch, experience and test the furniture before finalising your choices.

Project Management - Once you’ve made your final choices, our project management team ensures that orders are synchronised to arrive on time to fit in with your schedule.

Delivery and installation – Our team of experienced furniture installers will make sure that your furniture is protected and disruption to your business is minimised.

Post-install training and maintenance – We train your employees to use their furniture ergonomically and provide ongoing furniture maintenance as needed.

Product recycling/disposal and buyback – When you have furniture that you no longer need, we can help to find it new homes, recycle or dispose of it for you.

Procurement models

So if you decide we are the right partner for you. What are your options to procure when you want to buy?

 1. Traditional Dealer Model

  • You're presented with three separate shopping lists
    at distinct price points that meet your specifications
  • You're then able to select furniture from the different
    lists to suit your budget, taste and requirements

2. Fixed Project Value

  • You would disclose your available budget and we
    would then select the best options and scenarios that
    meet your technical, cost and aesthetic needs
  • This enables you to “pick and mix” the best
    combination within the accessible budget

3. Open Book

  • We would select furniture options to match your specification and requirements and provide a detailed schedule that includes our buying and selling price
  • We agree a % fee of the furniture to execute the works
  • Provides the basis for an open and transparent dialogue,
    and confidence that the final selection is best value

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