An office revamp to provide a greater range of work settings

In 2014, we worked with this global healthcare group to furnish four floors of a new office space for 600 people. Since then through regular workplace surveys the client has been gathering regular feedback from users on how the office could enable people to work more effectively. When the company decided to make some further changes to act on the feedback they came back for help.



We were tasked with taking the feedback from the users and redesigning the space to create more 1 to 1 meeting rooms, private spaces and extra collaboration space.



Across the four floors, we redesigned designated areas and introduced different types of meeting pods for 1 to 1 meetings and private phone calls. We also created several new collaboration areas for teams to work in and meet, private booths for focused work and several new meeting rooms.


Feedback on the changes from the client and end-users has been very positive. They now have a wider range of work settings to suit all different styles of work.

the facts




600 staff




6 months

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