Bank turns to Insightful Environments for major, multi-site office development

Insightful Environments has the credentials and flexibility to undertake projects for smaller enterprises as well as large scale FTSE 100 businesses like this top 3 UK bank. When it was looking for a partner to undertake a major development project, we were top of their list.

As a major force in the increasingly dynamic and competitive finance sector, the bank was critically aware of the importance of modern work environments.

Their key workplace challenges were:

  • first-class environments where talented people want to work
  • properly specified equipment which help staff be more productive
  • making the best use of space in all locations.

The scale and depth of Insightful Environment’s worldwide experience means we were perfectly placed to deliver successful solutions.

Right at the heart of the project was the procurement and project management of 10,000 workstations in multiple locations, including all the associated equipment required.

The challenges were clear from the outset:

  • installation of 2,500 workstations and accessories on 25 floors at the bank’s central London HQ
  • management of multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • management of 15 suppliers working to different timescales and specifications
  • six buildings in London, five outside of London
  • very challenging timescales
  • minimum disruption to daily work
  • maintaining strict SKA* compliance and corporate due diligence.

There are a limited number of businesses that could undertake such a project. There are even fewer who could do it well.

We met the challenges head-on and delivered the complete project seamlessly, on time and on budget. What’s more, to help the bank meet their sustainability and budgetary goals we also managed to reuse their existing furniture stock to meet 20% of their furniture needs.

In short Insightful Environments fulfilled all of the Bank’s practical requirements as well as delivering work environments which set them on course for a successful, productive and profitable future.

*The RICS’s SKA comprises good practice measures across biodiversity, energy and CO2, waste, water, pollution, transport, materials, wellbeing and project delivery.

the facts




10,000 staff re-located


£6 million


3 year contract

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