Our MAC services are designed for clients who plan to move or change their office and, who want to understand and leverage the value in their existing furniture assets.

They complement our other furniture and design services allowing us to be your complete furniture partner.

There are three main types of projects that the MAC team can help with:

1. Advice on how to reuse or extract value out of your existing assets for an office refurbishment project +

2. Help to make your office covid-safe, ready for the return of workers +

3. Help with office moves, furniture removals and changes +

1. Leveraging your existing furniture assets

When making changes to your office, it makes sense to look at your existing assets first.

  • Our free furniture audit* will help you to understand your current furniture portfolio. Find out more+
  • Our proposed recommendations will give you ideas on how you can reuse or extract value from your assets to contribute to your employee and workplace goals.
  • Your tired assets can be refurbished or reinvented to look like new and serve different purposes. It’s great for the environment and can save you money.
  • Surplus assets can be stored, sold, donated or recycled to release the value and real estate space they occupy.

2. Preparing for the return of employees

We can plan and implement coronavirus control measures to keep your employees safe as they return to the office in greater numbers.

  • Our in-house design team can space plan and re-configure spaces to help with social distancing and address the flow of people throughout the office.
  • Use graphics, signage and floor demarcations to communicate new COVID-19 protocols.
  • New products such as desk screens, partitions, hygiene stations and air filtration systems can help create a secure environment for your people.
  • Store excess furniture in our off-site facility to make room for social distancing or borrow extra furniture if you need a different solution temporarily.
  • Deep clean upholstered products using biocidal disinfectant within steam cleaners.

3. Moves, changes and removals

Whether your move is internal, external, single or multi-site, our MAC team will ensure your project runs smoothly.

  • We can dismantle, protect, move and re-install your existing furniture quickly and professionally.
  • We audit, tag and track your assets throughout your move to ensure they arrive in the correct place.
  • We provide a packing service for documents, files and supply labelled crates for personal items.
  • Move guides and welcome packs can enhance your move-in experience.
  • We relocate fixed IT assets as well as moving desktop computers, telephony, monitors and other peripherals. Once installed we can even PAT test them for you too.

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