Global AI and analytics firm turns to Insightful Environments to furnish its London Headquarters


OpenText is a Canadian-founded AI and analytics company with offices around the world. We are delighted to have worked with them and Interior Architects HOK to furnish OpenText’s new London Headquarters in Cannon Street.


The project

OpenText has grown through a series of corporate acquisitions and the new office needed to integrate four different companies and accommodate a changing headcount. They wanted to create a destination space that people choose to work in. One that can welcome international guests, C-Suite visitors and that fosters collaboration between its teams.

Insightful Environments aided HOK in the specification of the furniture, providing budgetary and aesthetic choices before procuring and installing the furniture over a four-week period.

A range of high-spec collaboration spaces and meeting rooms offering different facilities, atmospheres and privacy settings were placed in intermediary areas, designed to lure workers away from individual desk spaces.

The final furniture package consisted of a mix of height-adjustable desking, loose furniture, collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, pods and storage from a mix of 20 different suppliers.

the facts








630 staff


8 months

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