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We have been working with one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies since 2011, providing them with furniture solutions and design assistance for their UK estate.

In that time we have worked in partnership with them and their project partners to deliver multiple, major projects to refresh and renew their office space around the UK.

Our relationship and the services we provide have been built up over time as successful projects, great service and knowledge sharing have increased confidence and trust. We now provide a complete service for all furniture solutions across their estate.

Notable projects include their site in Surrey where we addressed a need for better and more collaboration space by refurbishing 25 small, large and executive meeting rooms, as well as creating extra areas through the addition of 15 collaboration pods in their walk-through spaces.

At another office in Kent, we are helping to refurbish and update the building. One of the projects has been to help change the culture from one of private offices to that of a collaborative, agile working environment to support the departmental neighbourhoods. We have supplied a range of work settings for different types of work including focus areas, collaboration space, general meeting rooms and a workcafé.

We are also helping with the building’s acoustic issues by increasing privacy in meeting and collaboration spaces. After conducting an acoustic survey, we installed acoustic products and sound masking to reduce sound transfer.

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Sandwich, Kent; Walton Oak, Surrey



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