Workplace services

Our workplace services support our clients in all their day 2 furniture requirements. The services we offer all aim to keep your furniture in use for longer within the circular economy helping to reduce the three million tonnes of office furniture that go to landfill each year!

So whether you’re moving offices, refurbishing, or freeing up space in your existing one, we can help you with the physical moves, asset management and ongoing furniture maintenance to extend the life of your assets. And when you have furniture you no longer need, we'll buy it back, reuse it, rehome it or build something new out of it.


Furniture asset management

Understand, track and maintain the value in your existing assets

Understanding the profile of your existing furniture assets can be key to learning how to leverage their value. It will help you make decisions on future workplace strategies that will save you money and minimise your environmental impact.

Our furniture audits use a state-of-the-art online asset management system that can track location, depreciation value over time and the carbon footprint of each item.

We can also help your furniture maintenance strategy helping to maintain the value of your items and extend their life. Your tired assets can be refurbished or reinvented to look like new and serve different purposes. It’s great for the environment and will save you money.

Sustainable clearance services

Maximise the value of your unwanted items while minimising their environmental impact

Looking to free up real estate? Our team will advise you on the best way to leverage any value in your assets while minimising the environmental impact of change by trying to keep them in the circular economy.

Where there is value in your unwanted furniture, we can resell them helping you to offset your other project costs. Alternatively, items can be donated to charities to keep them in use.

When you have items that can't be reused, we’ll recycle or dispose of them in the most sustainable way possible providing a full, documented audit trail.

Whatever the size of your clearance we'll give you clarity on the commercial impacts and peace of mind over the environmental impacts.


Moves, changes and relocations

Use our expert project managers and installers to get your business moving

Reconfiguring an existing space? From small internal departmental moves to complete business relocations, our team can plan and manage the entire process:

  • We can dismantle, protect, move and re-install your existing furniture quickly and professionally. 
  • We audit, tag and track your assets throughout your move to ensure they arrive in the correct place.
  • We provide a packing service for documents, files and supply labelled crates for personal items.
  • Move guides, communication plans and welcome packs can enhance your move-in experience.
  • We relocate fixed IT assets as well as moving desktop computers, telephony, monitors and other peripherals. Once installed we can even PAT test them for you too.
  • Our warehouse storage capabilities can store any excess items as needed to fit in with your moves schedule.

Our furniture and design expertise allows us to offer a complete design, procure and moves service from just one main point of contact.

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