Transformation of a former paper factory in into a flexible, collaborative space

Web infrastructure and security company Cloudflare needed a new office space that would accommodate its rapid and future growth plans and selected IE to furnish the space through competitive tender.

They selected a site in Southwark that was a former paper factory and started about the transformation into a modern and efficient space that allowed them flexibility to adapt for future expansion.

This was an exciting and unique project which required close coordination with the client and architects, Jump Studios. Early engagement in the project was critical to understand the business drivers and stakeholders, based both locally and globally.

The final furniture selection involved procuring from a wide range of suppliers to deliver the new, inspiring design, which included:

  • Installation of 270 desks which surrounded the central and social areas.
  • Bespoke furniture, including custom-made desks, which have powder-coated metal legs with lacquered-plywood tops, accessible panels and cable management.
  • We also provided 80 chairs to form part of the flexible step seating auditorium.

One of the main challenges was the complexity of the logistics getting everything on site via a hoist. Access to the premises required close communication and coordination with the project team.

Great communication between the client, architect and principal contractor was key to ensuring the delivery of the project on time and within budget.

The Facts


7,000 sqft


Three-month project

No of Suppliers


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