British brand Established & Sons join the Steelcase portfolio

Established & Sons is the latest addition to Steelcase’s Community of Brands, joining Orangebox, Bolia, Coalesse and Viccarbe.

The partnership between Steelcase and Established & Sons comes at an important time when organisations are evolving their workplace to enable workers to socialise, collaborate and feel inspired and connected to the organisation. 

Established & Sons products focus on reshaping perceptions of the office as a place for gathering and collaboration.

About Established & Sons

“British brand Established & Sons is a leading platform for innovative, world-renowned design. Unique collections bring contemporary design solutions that respond to the evolving workplace.”

Established & Sons was founded in 2005 by Sebastian Wrong, Mark Holmes and Alasdhair Willis. Each came from an art background but had a passion and interest in design.

The idea was to present a platform for international designers who, at the time, were working exclusively in London. They reached out to both well-known, established designers and up-and-coming graduates.

Designers are afforded the freedom to explore their own innovative and pioneering ideas to deliver exceptional furniture. The imaginative products exude style and personality, and many have been acquired by international museums, galleries, institutions and private collections.

“Established & Sons has cemented itself as a steadfast champion of forward-thinking design, having long elevated luminaries like Philippe Malouin, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, and Sabine Marcelis.”

The brand is known around the world for its commitment to skilled craftsmanship, relying on historic craft skills and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to deliver high-quality, ambitious design concepts. All products are fully FSC compliant, and the brand is committed to continually communicating its environmental efforts.

The Live/Work collection

Established & Sons was ahead of the times in creating products that worked for both the office and the home. The Live/Work collection launched in 2019 as a response to the understanding that the lines between work and home are blurred. 

Sebastian Wrong, Established & Sons co-founder and creative director, says:

“The evolution of the workplace has been a huge focus for Established & Sons over the last few years, with our latest designs imagined for the crossover between living and working.” 

Key products

Here’s a look at some of Established & Sons' designs. 


The Grid collection is designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. It creates a sense of belonging in the open floor plan and adds structure and personality to the space.

The raw shell of the Grid system provides a base for modular seating, shelves, tables and screens. Each element can be integrated in multiple ways, creating a playful and multifunctional environment for informal meetings, presentations, or hanging out with colleagues.

Established & Sons Grid sofa

Established & Sons Grid collection


The Lucio lounge chair by Sebastian Wrong is designed for maximum comfort and support. The design creates a distinctive profile and its light weight makes it easy to move around the office.

Established & Sons Lucio

Established & Sons Lucio chairs


Konstantin Grcic’s Beam table is designed to last a lifetime and would work equally well in many spaces, from an artisan’s workshop to a gallery, family home, live-work space or meeting space within the office.

Established & Sons Beam Table


A unique take on a drawer unit, Stack by Raw Edges/Shay Alkalay consists of individual colourful drawers that appear stacked above one another and open in both directions to create an irregular composition. It’s a quirky alternative to traditional storage, creating a feature in any office space.

Established & Sons Stack


The Quilt seating collection by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec comes in bright, stretch fabrics for an injection of colour in both work and living spaces. Its generous size and honeycomb-like upholstery offer both a striking design and maximum comfort.

Established & Sons Quilt Chair

Established & Sons Quilt

By celebrating both established designers and emerging design talent, Established & Sons represent all that is innovative in contemporary design. They’ve created a collection that is functional, innovative and packed with style and personality. Products are also adaptable, allowing organisations to quickly flex in response to the evolving needs of the workplace

The partnership between Steelcase and Established & Sons is an exciting one, as organisations look to create more collaborative and connected workspaces that bring people together.

For IE's customers, the partnership means Established & Sons products are more readily available thanks to global support by the dealer network and streamlined logistics with Steelcase channels.

To find out more about Established & Sons and any of their products, please get in touch.