Products of the month - September 2018

For September's products of the month, we have selected three new furniture items that most employees and designers would love to see in their own offices (that includes us).

First up this month we have a new versions of an existing product that created a lot of buzz when it was previewed at Clerkenwell Design Week this year. The Relic Cloud by Frovi:

Relic Cloud by Frovi

The Relic Cloud offers a unique combination of trend-setting features in one multi-purpose table. Enhancing the existing Relic range, this stunning centrepiece embodies biophilic design, stimulating agile working.

The table is completely customisable and designers are able to create and tailor their own Cloud environment”, resulting in a space where “materials, biophilic design and lighting coexist”.

Power option are available with the Relic Cloud having a clever cable management system which provides power into the table top, while the covering power flap can be coated to match the coloured frame. Alternatively there is a discreet power system that conceals power sockets under the table frame so they are hidden from view.

This visually appealing and attractive table creates a focal point employees will instinctively gravitate towards, enabling an agile working zone to be established – naturally. By returning to nature, a wellness-centred biophilic environment is initiated. This is brought about through the option of incorporating plants and casual mood lighting within the table’s overhead metal frame.


Next up we have a product that was released in 2018 that can help to create a more multi-functional waiting area that could also be used for informal meetings, Kiik by Arper:

MN_K by Steelcase

MN_K is a versatile seating solution for the whole workplace, offering areas for collaboration, focus, connecting with colleagues and hosting guests. Modular and with a fresh design, it responds to all of the needs of today's workspaces.

MN_K’s great versatility gives you choice. Starting from a structural beam, you can create a wide variety of designs to suit your needs. Apply elegant K-shaped wooden feet, backrests of different heights, seats of different sizes, cushions or privacy screens, to custom fit your space.

Lastly we have a new collaborative table from Orangebox. Some of you will have heard the news this week that Steelcase acquired Orangebox in the latest in a rapid expansion of innovative products designed for the new ways people work. While we're working out the details of what benefits this brings to Steelcase dealers and their clients in the UK, we wanted to remind you of some of it's innovative products starting with the BAE worktable:

BAE by Orangebox

Designed for eight to twenty people, BAE worktables are ideal in less-formal workspaces where collaboration is key.

Made from solid industrial oak, the worktables have MDF tops that can be specified in a choice of five
industrial oak laminates, from light to dark, and seven monochrome colours, from white to black – all with a solid oak edge. The tops overhang the structure to avoid generous free leg space and allow two people between each leg, with an additional two people at each end, either in line or at right angles along the short end of the table.


Each top can be specified as a single material or as a three-way split to encourage a more personal demarcation of the worktop. Each of its three planks can also be specified individually from the oak or coloured laminate ranges, or, similarly, by combining finishes from the melamine range. The industrial
aesthetic of BAE can be enhanced with the option of expressing the solid oak leg through the worktop.

BAE worktables can be specified with either an LED task light liner separating the two sides of the table, and positioned and dimensioned to offer seated users visual privacy at eye height, or the adjustable circular Pablo LED task light. Both lights have on/off switches.

Power/data is available via on-top socket units or within below-top power boxes accessed via lift-off circular disc lids. As with the original Yawl tables, these worktables are available in our standard oak finishes – light, natural, dark oak or black – and their modular construction allows them to be easily on site assembled.

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