Steelcase Solutions rebrands as Insightful Environments

This is the start of a fresh new beginning for our team. We’ve got a new name, a new brand, a new London Studio space and a new approach.  We are making significant investments in our business to keep growing and responding to our clients needs.

We create Insightful Environments by thinking about how space could be used, proposing innovative product applications and backing it up with a great client service experience.

We think space can transform business performance. Each client is different, but ultimately everyone wants choice, diversity, a safe pair of hands and someone who speaks their language and can adapt quickly to their needs. We are independent, which means that we are able to offer our clients all of these things and more, whilst being owned by a larger company enables us to look at the long term.

Our history with Steelcase and its support of our continued growth and expansion is something that we are proud of. The launch of insightful environments heralds a fantastic new beginning, one where we’re able to merge world class knowledge, insights and product R&D with an unmatched service platform and wide range of other furniture products and related services.

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