Supporting Kitt to create personalised spaces for its new tenants across London

Services: Furniture advice, procurement, delivery and installation.

Drivers: A partnership that focuses on quick turnaround projects with bespoke designs for different end-user clients.

In 2022, IE struck up a partnership with Kitt, a provider of managed office spaces with a unique business model. Kitt finds, designs and manages offices for its customers with everything included in one, simple monthly payment.

Once a space has been found, its clients collaborate with Kitt’s in-house design team to visualise and create unique spaces that bring brands to life and enhance company culture.

Once designs have been signed off it promises to have the office ready to move into within an 8-12 week window depending on the build requirements. 

IE’s role has been to support Kitt with advice on furniture and finishes to complement its designs and then to procure and install everything to fit into Kitt’s rapid install schedules.

Since 2022, we have worked with Kitt on projects for more than 42 of its tenants all based around London. The projects all varied in size and in the process we’ve developed a strong relationship and built trust with Kitt to become one of its main furniture suppliers. 

Delivering a constant flow of quick turnaround projects with bespoke designs for different end-user clients has been an exciting challenge for the IE team. We are continuing to develop and streamline our processes for working on projects with the Kitt team as our partnership evolves.

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