8 benefits of modular office furniture

Office furniture procurement can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process.  And with so much choice in the market, deciding between the infinite number of products and options available can be overwhelming. 

Besides, it’s not just what you need now that you must think about, but also what you might need in two, three, ten years time. With the work landscape constantly changing and sustainability a priority, you need a furniture solution that can adapt and evolve with your company. 

Traditional office furniture can be heavy, bulky and rigid, locking you in with little room for adjustment as your team expands and workers’ needs evolve. 

Modular office furniture, on the other hand, refers to furniture that can be easily moved around and adapted. The furniture is designed to work together and within a space, providing a functional option that can suit your current and future workplace needs.

Here we've compiled a list of the myriad benefits of modular office furniture.

1. Customisable to your workspace

One of the most important benefits of modular office furniture is that it is customisable. It enables you to create an environment that is tailored to how your team likes and needs to work so they can perform at their best and help your company to achieve its goals. 

With modular furniture you can create a workspace that is comfortable, fuels productivity, and is unique to your company. And by incorporating the same modular furniture throughout the office you can create a cohesive aesthetic.

2. Flexible 

Another big selling point for modular office furniture is how flexible it is. It can be quickly and easily moved around into different layouts to accommodate changing needs. Meeting rooms can be modified to provide additional seating, desks can be turned into collaboration tables, and chairs can be moved into different areas without looking out of place.


3. Space saving

Traditional office furniture can be heavy, bulky and occupy a lot of floor space. Modular office furniture on the other hand, is designed to make efficient use of space. And it can be broken down and stored in smaller areas when not in use. 

4. Scalable

Modular office furniture will support your team as it grows over time. As you recruit new team members, additional pieces of the same modular range can be easily added in, so you can avoid any mismatch of furniture. As we discussed earlier, it can also be moved and repositioned to meet the evolving needs of your team over time. 

5. Cost-effective

Incorporating modular office furniture in your workplace design means you need less furniture overall, as items are multifunctional rather than single use. And this saves you money. It is also usually more cost-effective to purchase a large order of a single type of furniture rather than many different individual items in smaller quantities. And as modular furniture is quick and easy to assemble, you save time and money on installation.  

6. Sustainable

Modular office furniture systems use less building material and reduce waste. The materials used are often recyclable and reusable too. It is also a good sustainable option as systems can be built upon over time with items added as required, and because they can be moved and reconfigured into different settings so that the items are of value for much longer. 


7. Easy to assemble and disassemble

Unlike some fixed furniture items, modular office furniture is easy to assemble and fix into your premises. It is also easy to disassemble, making for a much smoother and simpler relocation process should you move offices.

8. It looks great

Attracting and retaining talent is a big challenge for many employers. While of course it’s not the only thing that attracts people to a company, an attractive office environment is one way to make a good impression on candidates. Modular office furniture tends to look modern and dynamic, is visually appealing, and conveys a relaxed energy that shows your business is confident about what it does and how it works.  

Modular office furniture products 

Now we know why modular office furniture can be a great solution for your workplace, here are a few product examples to inspire you. 

Steelcase Flex Active Frames - a modular system for landscaping within the open plan 


Flex Active Frames shelving systems can be used for landscaping within the open plan office, creating productive, inspiring and flexible spaces for teamwork and collaboration. Choose the frame and shelves, and then customise it from there, adding doors and locks to create personal lockers or whiteboards and monitors to aid collaboration, to create  tailored space to suit your needs.  

Below is an example of how Flex Active Frames can be used within the office:


Steelcase B-Free - encouraging connection and innovation

Steelcase’s B-Free range of modular furniture includes work surfaces that can be positioned on their own or back-to-back for group collaboration and seating that supports a range of postures for individual work or collaborative meetings. The range can be positioned in various layouts across the office, creating “mini neighbourhoods” where people can connect and collaborate throughout the day. 


Bolia Cosima - soft, comfortable sofas configured your way

The Cosima sofa range by Bolia offers seven modules that can stand alone or be combined with other modules in various ways. The square back or armrest can be used to rest coffee, drinks, snacks or a laptop on.

Steelcase Turnstone Bivi - a dynamic mix and match system

The Turnstone Bivi desk system from Steelcase offers mix-and-match options for a fully customised workspace. There is also a range of accessories including footshelves, trunks, screens, a desk organiser, and even bike and skateboard hooks to bring a sense of start-up culture to the workplace.



Modular office furniture is a fully customisable and flexible furniture solution that can support your business now and in the future. Items can be easily and quickly moved around to suit different work spaces and added to as your company grows. It’s a sustainable option that reduces waste, is cost-effective, and extends the longevity of your furniture as it can be adapted to suit your needs as they change and evolve over time. Plus, we think it looks pretty great!