Designing for engagement - Insights and solutions guide

The Resilient Workplace - Designing for change

Following on from the Steelcase Global Report, which was the first to explore the relationship between employee engagement and the work environment, comes this great new guide that offers specific actions and solutions to create a workplace that helps boost employee engagement.

The guide can help you to visualise and create your own resilient workplace. A resilient Workplace is organised by an ecosystem of spaces formed by the five spatial zones: meeting, resident, resource, nomadic and social. These zones stimulate desired user behaviour in the workplace and can be tailored to meet your business objectives. The new Insights + Solutions Guide translates the insights of the Resilient Workplace into easy, understandable floorplans. 

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Download the guide today. It includes:

  • A summary of the Steelcase Global Report key findings
  • Principles for designing a resilient workplace
  • Ideas and solutions for your spaces

Download The Resilient Workplace - Designing for change here

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