12 products on our Xmas wish list from Steelcase's community of brands

Coalesse, Bolia, Orangebox, Viccarbe and Established & Sons have all been handpicked to join Steelcase in its 'community of brands'. 

We explore the strategy behind the community of brands and some of its best products that we've added to our Christmas wish list this year.

“Steelcase and our community of brands bring together a spectrum of products and services in design, technology, materials, learning and health, to help create places that work better.”

The strategy behind the community of brands


Eric Valette, Managing Director at IE and Steelcase UK explains the strategy behind bringing the design brands together:

“The reason we’ve created the community of brands is to create more ingredients, if you will. Just like a chef in a kitchen will have multiple ingredients and the way they assemble those ingredients creates a unique dish to meet specific expectations, when designing the office space we want to have multiple ingredients to cater for specific needs.”

The brands come together to create an expansive collection of functions, aesthetics and price points that can be used to cater for what clients value and the behaviours they want to promote in the space. 

Gina Spering, Design Portfolio Sales Consultant at Steelcase, explains how the brands come together:

“When we work with companies to create high-performing ancillary spaces, all of the design brands come together to give our clients a wide range of different choices. It’s not a case of this or that, but rather the furniture talks to each other, both from a design element and in terms of how together they can foster a certain behaviour, like collaboration.” 

Each brand has been carefully selected for its principles of design with intention, integrity, quality and sustainability. As Eric explains further:

“The pandemic has accelerated trends like finding a better balance between ‘me’ and ‘we’ spaces and the need for control over how, where and when you work. And there is even more of a need for employees to come back to a place that feels almost like home and not so corporate. That’s the power of our design portfolio.

These are not only iconic products, but they also promote a company’s brand and drive the right behaviours. These are two very important aspects. Companies attract with their brand and retain with their culture.  We need people to be back in the office, and when there, to work together. The brands chosen are best for supporting those work modes and behaviours.”

The brands that make up the portfolio 


Steelcase works with the world’s leading organisations to create places that amplify the performance of their people, teams and enterprise. Its furniture is inspired by innovative research in workspace design. It's a brand that's synonymous with quality and has some of the industry's best warranties.


Coalesse is a high-performing ancillary brand passionate about creating enduring furniture that supports people to connect, create and focus comfortably. Everything they do is born from a passionate belief in the power of a more human-centred workplace. 


Danish design company Bolia helps to deliver more choices at work using the best Scandinavian design to create atmospheres built on warmth, bold and luxurious materials.


From a small village in South Wales, Orangebox was built around a concept of “Smartworking” - solutions designed to improve collaboration, culture and efficiency. The brand is widely recognised for its unique and beautiful designs that shape spaces and support both collaboration and focus. 


Based in Valencia, Viccarbe aims to inspire Mediterranean experiences by creating warm and timeless pieces that can be integrated into many different social and collaborative spaces. Viccarbe’s roots are firmly based in a passion for design and its portfolio is present in more than 80 countries.

Established & Sons

Established & Sons represent all that is innovative in contemporary design, celebrating both established designers and emerging design talent. The collection is functional, innovative and packed with style and personality. 

12 products on our Christmas wish list

1. Steelcase Series 1 carbon neutral chair

It’s no surprise that Steelcase’s most popular chair would be the first entry into its carbon neutral portfolio. The chair includes the same design, ergonomics and quality the existing Steelcase Series 1 is known for, but it has the added benefit of having its carbon footprint offset by investing in one of four verified projects around the world that aim to slow down the effects of climate change by reducing CO2.


2. Steelcase Brody lounge chair

Concerns over not having a space to focus is one of the biggest barriers to people coming back to the office. But the Steelcase Brody lounge chair creates a sheltered cocoon for workers to focus in private.


3. Coalesse LessThanFive chair

The LessThanFive chair, made from carbon fibre, is light and easy to move around the workspace to suit changing needs throughout the day. It’s available in eight aesthetics to suit any environment.


4. Coalesse Massaud armchair

The Massaud armchair provides an alternative destination for work, contemplation or relaxation, and is designed for comfort and connecting with technology.


5. Bolia Fuuga armchair

Made from FSC certified wood, the distinctive Fuuga is designed to ensure “peace of mind, immersion and few disturbances.”


6. Bolia Story coffee table

This elegant coffee table with its calm and airy design would work well in a social space. The collection also includes side tables and bar tables.

My project-1 (27)

7. Orangebox Campers&Dens

This unique system is reinventing the built environment. It delivers layers of privacy through pods, cabins and awnings, creating beautiful destinations within the open plan. It comes with options for integrating technologies and whiteboards to support both in-person and hybrid collaboration.


8. Orangebox BAE table

The BAE tables supports both individual and collaborative work and creates a casual, community space within the modern office.


9. Viccarbe Cambio table

This minimalist table, available in multiple sizes, has a singular central base and seamless silhouette, creating a statement piece within the workplace.


10. Viccarbe Savina sofa Ecoalf edition

The Savina modular sofa is designed to make people feel like they're sitting on a cloud or floating on water. It’s described as an “island of collaboration” and a “reassuring spot to gather, work and retreat.” It's great for the environment too - the Ecoalf edition uses foam made from recycled mattresses and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean.


11. Established & Sons Mollo chair

The rounded Mollo chair is instantly recognisable and exceptionally comfortable for both solo and social lounging. 


12. Established & Sons Stack storage

This unique take on a drawer unit creates a colourful statement. Its quirky design will have everybody in the office talking, but also offers a practical storage solution.

Established & Sons Stack


The community of brands combine both extraordinary design and a plethora of furniture solutions to create the unique workplaces and behaviours organisations’ need to thrive in the new world of work.

Which of these products will you be putting on your Christmas wish list?

To find out more about any of the brands or products, and how they might support your project, please get in touch.